Università degli Studi di Firenze Comune di Firenze Istituto per la Protezione delle Piante

The elms after 100 years of Dutch elm disease

Third International Elm Conference

October 9-11 2013

Florence, Italy


The purpose of this conference is to advance the progress on knowledge on elms one hundred years after the arrival of Dutch elm disease, allowing the collaboration between the scientific and management world. Updates on current status of advances on disease and its management, other biotic and abiotic constrain, conservation and characterization of genetic resources as well as possible use of elms in urban and landscape will be presented and discussed.

The last Elm Conference took place in Spain ten years ago. Since then the research and research tools have made significant progress and different problems and issues have arisen in the meanwhile. At the same time important results have been achieved, giving hope to a possible future use of this magnificent tree for urban, forest and landscape aims.

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