Università degli Studi di Firenze Comune di Firenze Istituto per la Protezione delle Piante

10 October 2013

Session 2: Dutch elm disease (Chairperson E. Collin)

Brasier C. Origins, spread and continuing evolution via horizontal gene transfer
of the Dutch elm disease pathogens
Bernier L. Genomics of the Dutch elm disease pathosystem:
are we there yet?
Martin J.A. Seven Iberian Ulmus minor clones resistant to DED registered
for their use as forest reproductive material
Santini A. The Italian elm breeding program for Dutch Elm Disease
Solla A. Heritability estimates for vegetative budburst, height growth
and resistance to Ophiostoma novo-ulmi in U. minor x U. pumila
Vasaitis R. Epidemiology and combat of Dutch elm disease in Gotland
Island of Sweden
Witzell J. Fungal endophytes in Dutch elm disease complex
Dvorak M. Measurement of sap flow in elms inoculated by Ophiostoma

Session 3: Biotic and abiotic constraints (Chairperson P. Capretti)

Kolarik M. Geosmithia fungi – a widespread and intimate associates of
elm bark beetles
Pepori A. Molecular characterization of Geosmithia populations on elm
Bettini P. Widespread horizontal transfer of the cerato-ulmin gene
between Ophiostoma novo-ulmi and Geosmithia spp.
Eisold A.M. Infection of Ulmus laevis (Pall.) with an unknown putative
viral agent
Mackenthun G. Elm Losses and their Causes over a 20 Year Period –
A long-term Study of Ulmus in Saxony, Germany
(download slides and pdf)
Pecori F. Elm yellows: another threat to elm conservation (download)
Bleeker D. Amsterdam city of elms (download)

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