Università degli Studi di Firenze Comune di Firenze Istituto per la Protezione delle Piante

11 October 2013

Session 4: Elm taxonomy and conservation (Chairperson A. Solla)

Collin E. Implementing elm dynamic conservation in Europe: case studies
and perspectives
Guries R. Conservation status of red elm (Ulmus rubra) in the north central
United States
Brunet J. Is hybridization a necessary condition for the evolution of invasiveness
in non-native Siberian elm?
Venturas M. Ulmus laevis Pallas a native elm in the Iberian Peninsula: a
multidisciplinary approach
Pepori A. About Ulmus laevis Pall. in Italy
Pecori F. Monitoring Wych elm populations in southern Apennines (download)
Brookes A. The Elm and the Butterfly (download)

Session 5: Elm physiology and ecology (Chairperson J. Brunet)

Ghelardini L. Bud dormancy in elm (Ulmus spp.) clones of Asian and European
species - a case study of photoperiod and temperature responses
Kopinga J. The effect of propagation method on the stability of elm trees
Brzeziecki B. The role of genus elm (Ulmus sp.) in structure and long-term
dynamics of natural (strictly protected) forest stands of the
Białowieża National Park, NE Poland
Li M. Effects of waterlogging on two riparian elm species
Šrámek M. Impact of thinning on irradiance and soil water supply in young
elm stands

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