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9 October

  • 13:30 Registration
  • 14:00 Welcome and Conference opening

Session 1: Ancient, current and future elm use for urban, forest and landscape aims (Chairperson M. Faccoli)

14:30 Heybroek H.M. The elm, tree of milk and wine
15:10 Hiemstra J. Come-back of the elm as street tree in the Netherlands
15:30 Degl’Innocenti C. The return of elm in Florence
16:00 Buiteveld J. Comparison of commercial elm varieties and promising new Dutch clones for resistance to DED in a field test
16:20 Nijboer R. Stien Buisman, the first DED researcher
16:40 Lefoe G. Australia's elms and their pest and disease status
17:00 Fondatori F. Giorgio Tesi Group, The future is Green
17:10 General discussion
18:00 Visit to “Quartieri monumentali”

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