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10 October, Morning
Session 2: Dutch elm disease (Chairperson E. Collin)

9:00 Brasier C. Origins, spread and continuing evolution via horizontal gene transfer of the Dutch elm disease pathogens
10:00 Bernier L. Genomics of the Dutch elm disease pathosystem: are we there yet?
10:40 Martin J.A. Seven Iberian Ulmus minor clones resistant to DED registered for their use as forest reproductive material
11:00 Santini A. The Italian elm breeding program for Dutch Elm Disease resistance
11:20 Solla A. Heritability estimates for vegetative budburst, height growth and resistance to Ophiostoma novo-ulmi in U. minor x U. pumila hybrids
11:30 Vasaitis R. Epidemiology and combat of Dutch elm disease in Gotland Island of Sweden
12:00 Witzell J. Fungal endophytes in Dutch elm disease complex
12:20 Dvorak M. Measurement of sap flow in elms inoculated by Ophiostoma novo-ulmi
12:30 Lunch to “La Martinicca”

10 October, Afternoon
Session 3: Biotic and abiotic constraints (Chairperson P. Capretti)

14:30 Kolarik M. Geosmithia fungi – a widespread and intimate associates of elm bark beetles
14:50 Pepori A. Molecular characterization of Geosmithia populations on elm
15:10 Bettini P. Widespread horizontal transfer of the cerato-ulmin gene between Ophiostoma novo-ulmi and Geosmithia spp.
16:00 Eisold A.M. Infection of Ulmus laevis (Pall.) with an unknown putative viral agent
16:20 Mackenthun G. Elm Losses and their Causes over a 20 Year Period – A long-term Study of Ulmus in Saxony, Germany
16:40 Pecori F. Elm yellows: another threat to elm conservation
17:00 Bleeker D. Amsterdam city of elms

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