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11 October, Morning
Session 4: Elm taxonomy and conservation (Chairperson A. Solla)

9:00 Collin E. Implementing elm dynamic conservation in Europe: case studies and perspectives
10:00 Guries R. Conservation status of red elm (Ulmus rubra) in the north central United States
11:00 Brunet J. Is hybridization a necessary condition for the evolution of invasiveness in non-native Siberian elm?
11:20 Venturas M. Ulmus laevis Pallas a native elm in the Iberian Peninsula: a multidisciplinary approach
11:40 Pepori A. About Ulmus laevis Pall. in Italy
11:50 Pecori F. Monitoring Wych elm populations in southern Apennines
12:00 Brookes A. The Elm and the Butterfly
12:30 Lunch to “La Martinicca”

11 October, Afternoon
Session 5: Elm physiology and ecology (Chairperson J. Brunet)

14:30 Ghelardini L. Bud dormancy in elm (Ulmus spp.) clones of Asian and European species - a case study of photoperiod and temperature responses
14:50 Kopinga J. The effect of propagation method on the stability of elm trees
15:30 Brzeziecki B. The role of genus elm (Ulmus sp.) in structure and long-term dynamics of natural (strictly protected) forest stands of the Białowieża National Park, NE Poland
15:50 Li M. Effects of waterlogging on two riparian elm species
16:00 Šrámek M. Impact of thinning on irradiance and soil water supply in young elm stands

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