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Clive BRASIER took his first degree in Botany and studied for a PhD on Physiology of Reproduction in Phytophthora at Hull University between 1960 and 1966. From 1966-1969 he was appointed Junior Research Fellow in the Genetics Department at Birmingham University, working on ecological genetics of Basidiomycete populations and teaching genetics of host-pathogen interactions. Clive joined Forest Research in 1969 as Mycologist, specialising in all aspects of Phytophthora and Dutch elm disease pathogens from their pathology and epidemiology to their taxonomy, genetics and evolution. He gained his DSc in Plant Biology and Genetics from the University of Hull in 1984. In 1995 he was awarded Individual Merit Promotion Scientist status, reporting directly to what is now Government Office for Science. In the same year he was made Visiting Professor in Mycology at the Department of Biology, Imperial College London. He became Emeritus Mycologist at Forest Research on his formal retirement from the payroll in 2002.

Eric COLLIN, Agriculture and Environment Engineer, currently working as leader of the 'Study and Expertise Team on Adaptive Diversity in Forest Tree Species’ (8 persons) at Irstea (Forest Ecosystems Research Unit, Nogent/Vernisson, France).
1982: becomes involved in FGR (Forest Genetic Resources) conservation and evaluation at Cemagref Nogent/Vernisson (Populus canescens, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Ulmus spp.…)
Jan. 1997 to Dec. 2001: Coordinator of EU project GenRes CT96-78 "Coordination for conservation, characterization, collection and utilization of genetic resources of European elms"
since 2001: Secretary of the French Commission for the Conservation of FGR (CRGF)
since 2005: Representative for France in the Scattered broadleaves network of EUFORGEN panEuropean programme for the conservation of FGR
since 2007: National Focal Point for EUFGIS panEuropean database on Forest Gene Conservation Units, coordinated by Bioversity International (EUFORGEN).

Hans M. HEYBROEK is a Dutch breeder best known for his researches into the genus Ulmus at the Dorschkamp Research Institute for Forestry & Landscape Planning. Until his retirement in 1992, he was responsible for the raising and release of numerous elm hybrid cultivars resistant to Dutch elm disease, notably 'Columella'. Specializing in phytopathology, Heybroek also investigated the Coral Spot fungus Nectria cinnabarina in elm. In 1960 he travelled to the Kashmir to search for a frost-hardy form of the Himalayan Elm Ulmus wallichiana as a source of anti-fungal genes, for use in the Dutch elm research programme.
Even the French resistant elms Lutèce® ‘Nanguen’ et Vada® ‘Wanoux’ were previously selected by Hans Heybroek.

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